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Megan Matthews is a makeup artist specialising in makeup for Film, Tv and Stage - having studied BA(Hons) Makeup for media and performance at the Arts University Bournemouth, obtaining industry level skills. Alongside her studies, Megan has collaborated on short films, productions and editorials, learning to produce consistently high levels of work, whilst being adaptable and confident in fast moving creative environments. Megan previously worked as an artist for M.A.C Cosmetics; where she gained clientele experience. Having studied Visual Art and Design at the BRIT school, she has an eye for detail and concept realisation. Megan is a multi-disciplined artist with experience in: mould making, sculpting and life casting for prosthetics; prosthetic application and art-finishing; hair styling, punching and knotting; alongside straight, period and beauty makeup and hair skills. 

Megan Matthews is based in London - and free to travel locally and internationally for work.




2023 Application Station Artist at The Prosthetics Event

2023 Prosthetics Mask Designer for Roxy and Cy - Directed by Sean Aita

2023 Co-Makeup Designer on White Feather BFS short film - Directed by Ben Hovington

           WW1 film chronicling the minutes leading to the death of a deserted, by his battalion brothers.

           Makeup designer alongside Zoë Pyne, leading a small team of makeup artists to bring the war to life                with period accurate hair, makeup and prosthetics. 

2022 Makeup artist and FX artist on Sucker for Spuds short film - Directed by Tristan Marshall

           Vegan Zombie falls for human girl and but must eat human flesh to survive.

           Makeup and prosthetic artist for female Zombie lead and multiple background zombies.

2022 Makeup Artist on ‘Tectonic’ theatre production at the Bournemouth Pavillion - Directed              by Lee Hart

           Devised theatre production looking at themes of Womanhood.

           Theatre hair and makeup / male grooming, for key actor. 

2022 Makeup and FX artist on Island of Wonder and Despair (Pre-production) Directed by              Sharon Axcell

          Makeup and FX artist. Feature film is in pre-production. 

M.A.C. Cosmetics makeup artist - Stratford Westfield


2018 Lead Makeup artist on BYMT amateurs theatre group production of the Wizard of OZ            (London)

          Makeup designer and lead artist, managing a small group of artists applying makeup to a large cast.               Makeup artist and hair styling for lead characters, including quick changes. 


2018 Exhibition work as a Visual Art Designer at Chelsea College of Arts (UAL -                            London) Triangle exhibition space with collaboration to exhibit at the Royal Academy            of Arts 250th anniversary event. 

         Fibre-glass boobs from female life casts, as a commentary on Breast Cancer awareness, Free the nipple             movement and breastfeeding in public taboo. 


You can view Megan’s work on various other platforms via her Linktree QR code or simply click below to get in touch

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